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About JJWTech, Inc.

JJWTech - SafeTkits 50 year canned water warehouse

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JJWTech, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality emergency preparedness products and supplies to government organizations, private help organizations, schools, churches, businesses and the general public.

Located in Whittier, CA (greater Los Angeles area), we operate our own warehouse where all products are received, inspected, quality control tested as needed, then reconfigured for shipping to our customers.

Our capabilities include processing of small orders through common small package carriers such as UPS or Federal Express and processing of larger orders by palletized truck freight or even entire container loads.

In working with our US based customers, we accept all major credit cards and we can provide open account terms for customers with credit approval.

International orders will require a few steps to verify the legitimacy of the business and payment terms are usually by wire transfer.

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Our other products:

While this website is mainly dedicated to the CANNED EMERGENCY DRINKING WATER with 50 years shelf life for which we are an exclusive distributor, we also carry a complete line of emergency preparedness supplies including 72 hour rated survival kits, emergency supplies in bulk and disaster tools for use at home, office, warehouse, public locations and during travel, offered and sold under our SafeTkits brand.

To review our full line of products, please visit our online store www.SafetyKitStore.com